It all started with a dream…

Rachel and Cindy launched Fine Print Journaling in January of 2016 after Cindy woke from a dream centered on starting a journaling company with Rachel.  Determined to start small but build big, the sisters began their website with a simple “prompt of the day” and the vision to share their homemade journals with like-minded people.
R about meC about me

Rachel has a degree in English and Masters in Children’s Literature. She has spent much of her career surrounded by books and teaching others to love reading and writing as much as she does.  When not teaching, she works for an online sports production company overseeing social media and HR. Rachel is a single 20-something living with two awesomely sassy cats, and enjoys sweatpants and Netflix.

Cindy has a degree in Psychology and Masters in Public Health. Her career has centered on sharing nutrition, exercise, and well-being education with the public.  She currently oversees the operations of a nonprofit committed to ensuring healthy food is available to all people, especially those in need. Cindy is a mother to 3 and a wife to 1, and as a result, enjoys wine.

Rachel and Cindy are grateful to have been born, raised, and still living in sunny San Diego, California.