fine print journaling review: faber-castell pitt calligraphy pens

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Let’s start with a disclaimer: I am a beginner. Calligraphy is something I dabbled in years ago, and whatever skills I accrued then were lost somewhere between the birth of my first child and the birth of my third. I’m not good (yet), but love to play and learn. I feel like I’m starting from ground zero, and am obsessed with the pros like Missy Briggs (@m2bstudio) and King Blotto III (@kingblottothethird). In my quest to improve, I sought the appropriate tools: decent pens for writing decently. Allow me to present the Faber-Castell Pitt Calligraphy pens!


These pens are beautiful. They glide on the paper and do not smear or bleed, at least not as far as I’ve seen. The ones I have come with a 2.0 mm chisel nib.

The best part of this pen 3 pack was the Calligraphy Lettering Guide. It’s like they knew I was on a mission to begin lettering again and gave me a leg up. The Guide has step-by-step directions for the Simple Roman Alphabet (capital and lower-case), and the Simple Italic Alphabet (capital only). The Guide contains hacks for the tricky letters and recommended pen angles, 20° – 45° angles depending on the letter, stroke, and style.

FaberCastell lettering guide
The Simple Roman Alphabet
My feeble attempt at the supposedly “Simple” Roman Alphabet


I like these pens, and am so happy to renew my calligraphy pursuits with this particular instrument!


These pens are available at JoAnne‘s so you can walk in, shop, and have instant gratification; or Amazon if you prefer to shop from your kitchen table silently in your jammies during the wee hours of the morning while your coffee brews.

Surely I’m not the only one.

I cannot identify any negatives to these pens, but, perhaps if I was more skilled in the practice I’d be able to give some downsides. As a rookie, these pens are fantastic!

Have you used the Pitt Calligraphy pens from Faber-Castell? What did you think?