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We invited our friend Cheryl (IG: @craftywelderchick) to share her unique and genius method for party planning with you! Enjoy!



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I am crazy about my daily planner and lists! I have to have lists, Post-Its, and notes for everything! I admit that I sometimes even color code my shopping list by section of the store. Go ahead and laugh, but it sure makes shopping fast! I am also CRAZY about planning parties and always have more of those lists I was just talking about. I have learned to take all my lists and transfer them into a party notebook, or journal.

My husband and I host a lot of parties! We were the first ones in our group to have our own place after high school (yep we’re high school sweethearts), so everyone always came to our house to hangout. Now 16 years later (gasp!), we are pros at hosting parties. Our home, or maybe I should call it the Bartel Cottage and Campground, is full of guests just about every weekend. Sometimes weekdays too!cover1

Over the years I have learned a lot about party planning and how to stay organized; this is where my party journal comes into the picture. I went out and bought a cute notebook that I knew I would want to use and ta-da! Crazy party planning girls dream come true: a journal filled with everything you won’t remember but can’t afford to forget. I keep track of everything that might help next time I throw a party. Here’s what I include:

  • Menu
  • Recipes with cooking times
  • Guest list
  • What was eaten
  • How many leftovers
  • What to do different next time
  • What others brought if it was a potluck


I start with the date and name of the party. If we have a theme, I add that as well. Then, I list what I bought and what I made with recipes. After the party, I write notes at the bottom of the page including what was eaten, how many leftovers and what guests brought. Sometimes I keep it pretty basic, sometimes I add way too much information! I even use this book for big camp trips. I’ll include a list of what to pack, what we used, what we really didn’t need, daily menus, and what I would do differently next time.

We throw two annual parties with basically the same menu and guest list. My party planning journal is a life saver for me when it’s time to prepare for these events! I can just look back and see what I wrote down for the last few years. It makes planning so much easier. I know what to buy, what not to, and can see what I might want to try differently.

If you like throwing parties and staying organized, a party journal like this might just be for you!

Do you keep a notebook like this? Tell us about it in the comments!

Party Planning Journal



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