introspection: answer the why

introspectionbanIntrospection is a word we hear tossed around pretty regularly these days. Through the gift that is social media, and by way of our love for motivating and inspiring accounts, the term is consistently in our view. We have also been trained to help others be more introspective, are surrounded by introspective people, and generally are drawn to places that promote the practice, be it a virtual or physical location.

Why does introspection matter? What do you get from it? What does the world get from you being so? How can you become more introspective?

Introspection Definition

Introspection awakens you to your WHY.

Why your emotions are as they are, why you think in a certain pattern, why you behave the way you do. Why do you value certain concepts and principles over others? Why do you care so passionately about specific causes, and don’t give others a second thought? Why you are the way you, as a unique and nonreplicable human, are exactly as you are.

By having a greater understanding of why your individual mind is shaped the way it is, you are able to better understand your influences and triggers, both positive and negative. Once those influences have been identified you can address them, either with simple recognition (positive) or with an intention to change their effect on your thoughts and actions (negative).

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One of the best ways to become more introspective is to journal. Write about YOU. Your thoughts, feelings, actions, intentions, memories, goals, pain, triumphs, and everything in between. Write your favorite quotes. Write about exercise, food, work, kids, and parents. Your life, your time, your soul, as written by you.

As you write, you naturally look inward and answer the why. You come to the source of the intention or emotion, and in effect grow to know yourself more deeply. In doing so, you create space for others to be more introspective. By addressing your whys, you cultivate an ability to understand the whys of others, and without effort, invite them to look within, too.

We have 10 journaling prompts focused on introspection here.

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