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Fine Print Journaling is a space for introspection inspiration. Here, you will find a wide-ranging collection of articles on all things related to journaling. Our various pages provide ideas for what to write about, what to write in, what other options for relaxation and reflection exist, and, coming soon, a fantastic community for Fine Print Journaling friends to share their journals.

Rachel and Cindy launched Fine Print Journaling in January of 2016. Determined to start small but build big, the sisters began their website with a simple “prompt of the day” and the vision to share their homemade journals with likeminded people.

Here are a few of our introductory articles to get you started!

Why We Journal
What Not to Do When Journaling
When to Journal
The Beginner’s Guide to Journaling

Feel free to reach out anytime! We’re at fineprintjournaling at