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exercise for smban

What is your go-to method for stress management, outside of journaling? When the load gets heavy and to-dos are never ending, how do you cope? We lean on exercise, but, being us, also feel the need to journal about it. 🙂

Many studies about exercise and its benefits (beyond muscular) have been published. (One article from the American Psychological Association cites 9 individual studies alone!) Exercise has been shown to have positive impacts on organs, sleep patterns, and energy levels. In a slump? Need a pick-me-up? A 10 minute walk, 10 minutes of stretching, or 10 minutes of anything active can give you more sustained energy than a cup of coffee.

fine print journaling: fitness journalAside from each of these amazing side effects of moving our bodies, something we do not take for granted is how exercise helps us manage our stress. Our lives are not unlike many others. We work, have kids, clean up after little ones, clean up after big ones, have pets, and like to maintain the illusion of having a social life. The days are full and the to-do list is never empty. We both hold stress in our necks and shoulders, just as our momma and granny do. It’s amazing how debilitating stress can be. The insomnia, the neck pain, the worry, the rush… it can really take a toll on a girl!

Exercise has been our constant, often free source for stress management and reduction. After a workout, pretty much anything 10 minutes or longer, the day is more manageable, minds are clearer, and priorities are in order. When exercise gets bumped from the agenda, we agree that we are more irritable, less focused, and more easily overwhelmed. A wise person once said “Exercise doesn’t take time, it gives you time in the form of more energy throughout the day”. We could not agree more.

Our go-to workouts vary and include:

  • Nike Training Club: one of our absolute faves, NTC is a free app with guided full body Exercise for stress managementworkouts, ranging from 15-45 minutes;
  • Pop Sugar workouts: both an app and website, PopSugar is a free source of both printed workouts and videos;
  • Amanda Bisk’s Fresh Body Fit Mind program: FBFM is a 12 week program and is a purchasable download from her website;
  • Boxing: in-person classes at Title Boxing Club There are few things more stress-relieving than punching and kicking, especially after a long week or day.
  • Running: we stick to our local streets, but love going down to the beach or hitting some trails when we can.
  • Walking: instead of running when kids or our mom come with us, or if we’re tired, or if we just need to get out of the house, or a stroll around the yard, or even just parking really far away from Target.
  • Yoga: studios if we have the time, but NTC, PopSugar, and Amanda Bisk are all great sources for some good yoga sessions.
  • Stretching: Amanda Bisk’s stretch guide, both free and purchasable.

How does exercise help you manage stress? Please share in the comments!

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